There are many ways to build your wealth and make your money work harder for you. One of which is through property investment. Most people believe that buying property is simply out of the question for them, and we get that. But we have helped many people like you get into their first, second and even third property.

Reasons to invest in property:

  • Less volatile – Property has historically been less volatile than equities. Volatility is very dangerous when you have a leveraged position (borrowed money) as part of your strategy
  • Tangible asset – Bricks and mortar will be always be in demand. Stocks and shares, on the other, can lose all of their value in a day
  • Dual income – Unlike other forms of investment, property provides two streams of income, equity plus through leasing the property
  • Maximise your tax refund – An investment property is tax deductible, allowing you to claim a tax deduction for most of the expenses you incur when buying and managing an investment property
  • Long term value – While property values may decrease short-term, over the long term, and with favourable demand versus supply, a strengthening economy, inflation and population growth, property will always increase in value

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